Walshaw 17-06-2018 – Leader Judy

Walshaw 17-06-2018 – Leader Judy

I hope all the fathers out there have enjoyed Fathers’ Day as much as I have.  The first part of the enjoyment was a lovely local walk by Judy, who took us on some paths that none of us knew, which is amazing.  The second part of the enjoyment was presents from the family, followed by dinner with them – which they kindly allowed me to cook!  The icing on the cake, as it were, was victory over son-in-law at snooker in Arnie’s Arms, which is now back to its usual state.

In pleasant cloudy weather, 14 of us headed southish away from Walshaw Cross through a pleasant housing development, but that was about all we saw of such things – amazing when we were between Bury & Bolton.  By the time the group photo was taken near a reservoir, we were 15 strong, as Adam had managed to catch us up, having arrived a bit late.  By now we were heading westward, touching bits of the Village Link trail, which took us to Barrack Fold, named for the place where Lord Derby assembled his army for an attack on Bolton in the first English Civil War (1642-1647).  Then it was north on a bit of the Rotary Way towards Harwood Golf Club.  It was on this stretch that we encountered the very overgrown conditions that Judy had warned about, with some consequently tingly legs!  Soon we came to our break spot, with pleasant long distance views.  With the grass being so long, and the undulations therefore being concealed, it was here that yours truly gently tumbled to earth, giving Dave C a photo opportunity, which he took with both hands!

After the break, we soon came to a pig farm at Asmus Farm Cottage, where they keep Gloucestershire Old Spot pigs.  We had a lovely chat to the farmer, and wish him well with his enterprise.  We continued northward through Castle Farm to Tottington Road, where we doubled back on ourselves, eventually reaching Harwood Road.  After crossing this, it was then down Bentley Hall Lane and back to Walshaw, passing the splendid Christ Church on the way.   Thus ended a really nice walk that everyone enjoyed, thanks to Judy.

Write up Arnold, who also took all but one of the pics.  Appended here are the route stats and profile.

If you wish to see a static view of the pics all in one go, then click here.

There is a link to the slideshow here.  You will need to click within the black page that opens up to see the show.


  1. Adam Brockbank

    What a lovely walk that was. Thanks Judy for a great walk.
    Sorry I was late but it was definitely worth the sprint up the hill to catch up.
    As always thanks everyone for the warm welcome.

  2. Derek Tate

    Thank you Judith for a really interesting and action packed walk. As usual, expertly led at nice comfortable pace.

  3. Thanks Arnold for great pics and write up, and to all involved. We were lucky the rain came later.

  4. Lovely walk on a very pleasant morning. Excellent write up and pics Arnold. Thank you Judy for an excellent walk.

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