West Highland Way – May 2018

West Highland Way – May 2018

Judy & Joe are not the only ones from our group to have done the WHW this year, as Diana and her friend Anne Marie also did it in May.

Diana sent me an email saying “Do you think it’s worth putting a link to this small article on our website?  It’s only a bit of fun about our recent West Highland Way walk.  We have actually written it for The Munro Society newsletter which can be bit fuddy duddy and serious.  Feel free to edit out any inappropriate photos!  I think my friend just put it in for devilment”.


You can read the article here, but those of a nervous disposition should perhaps just note that Diana and her friend had a very pleasant and very sunny WHW walk in May, and not bother to dip into the aforementioned article!!  You have been warned!

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  1. Brilliant!!! All I have to do now is work out who is who. Glad you obviously had a good time.

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