Yorkshire 3 Peaks 08-06-2018 – Leader John

Yorkshire 3 Peaks 08-06-2018  – Leader John

WE DID IT!  What a fantastic day.

As we sat in the pub after, reviewing the day, one word summations included exhilarating, challenging, knackering, wonderful, sweaty, enjoyable, amazing and excellent.  It was so good to be part of this sociable group with such camaraderie, although there was notably less conversation on the steep ascents!

We had 3 major challenges – 1) Some hard ascents and tricky descents   2) the distance   3) keeping hydrated in such hot conditions.

We would like to thank all the wonderful support we had.  Derek’s frequent texts and his marvellous support group encouraging us ever onwards, the numerous texts and facebook messages, and Phil’s life saving supplies of water.

So, 10 of us met up at Horton in Ribblesdale at 6.15 am to walk to the cafe and register, before setting off at 6.30. The weather was kind in that it didn’t rain and was a lovely clear sunny day, but the increasing heat and lack of breeze as the day progressed did have an impact. John led us off at a cracking pace out of Horton village through Brackenbottom, followed by the Pen-y-ghent ascent with its scramble close to the summit.  It took us only 80 minutes to reach the summit from the cafe, and this is the first of the summit photos. The views were breathtaking.  We then took the next 7.5 miles in our stride through lovely undulating countryside to Ribblehead, where we had a 20 minute break so some could buy food and hot drinks from the butty van. Phil met us here and kindly took our rubbish and some of the water supplies, to reduce our backpack loads over Whernside.

Then it was past the incredible Ribblehead viaduct and continuing upwards to the Dales Way/Craven Way junction, when a cheer went up – the half way point, recorded in the photo with John by the signpost.  Next was the long ascent to Whernside, and as we reached Cable Rake Top, it was like being on top of the world with the ground dropping away to reveal stunning scenery.  It was a few minutes from here to the second summit photo with the photographer’s mate joining in!  We were 10 minutes behind John’s challenging schedule as the effects of the heat were felt.  The descent from Whernside was very tricky, but we were buoyed on by Derek’s texts saying he could see us (using binoculars from somewhere going up Ingleborough), but we couldn’t see him, or the others, despite his thoughtful fluorescent yellow top.  Next we crossed the valley and on to near Chapel-le-Dale, where we had our lunch break, and were so happy to see Phil with the rest of our water and his insightful extra water supplies.  The planned 15 minute break was slightly extended as John sensed this was needed.

We set off towards Ingleborough, encouraged by Rosemary saying it was her favourite peak, although, after the tough ascent in hot conditions on tired legs, I’m not sure others would agree with her!  The support group waiting there smiling and clapping was a sight for sore eyes and limbs, although it took most of us a few moments recovery time to truly appreciate it.  By the time we arrived, there was a 40 minute slippage on the schedule, so it was especially appreciated that they had an extended lunch break to wait for us. The last summit photos were taken, before the 5 mile romp back to Horton, which was a delight going gently downhill and in new company, but a bit too long for some!

Many thanks to John for agreeing to both walk and lead this, and doing such a great job.

Well done to all who so successfully achieved this, and to all our magnificent support.

Write up and pics – Judy

Distance – officially 24.9 miles, but all our gadgets registered just over 25 miles, plus walking from the cars to the cafe and back.

Total ascent 5,187 feet / 1,581 metres (phew!)

Time – 10 hours 26 minutes (Thanks to Joe for zipping along to register it)

‘Slideshow below, but if you wish to see a static view of the pics all in one go, then click here

“There is a link to the slideshow here. You may need to click within the black page that opens up to see the show – but at least it is full screen! “



  1. Congratulations on a brilliant achievement. Gutted I could not do it.

  2. Rosemary

    Just a further note to acknowledge all the planning & organisation that John & Judy put into making this walk happen. On the day they continued to be attentive, ensuring that all went well for us. I am very grateful to you both.

  3. Well done to all of you. A brilliant achievement. My comment over in Lancashire was about wonderful weather for walking the challenge, especially with the cool breeze……which clearly didn’t make it to Yorkshire. Great that you had so much support, especially from Phil the water aider.

  4. Rosemary

    It was a tough challenge & we all finished with a real sense of achievement. Many thanks to John for his leadership. He started & finished as cool as a cucumber. Judy was her usual self,as bright as a button. Her excellent write up and photos really captured the day. The support of Phil, & later Derek & his group were so much appreciated. The day demonstrated all that is special in our group, a real sense of camaraderie.
    Thanks to everyone who made it a really successful day.

  5. Jenny

    I want my boots to be outside the tea shop in Gisburn AFTER I’ve had the cake!

  6. Rob Peel

    Well done to Judy for an excellent write-up and brilliant photos. We were going at such a pace that I don’t know how she managed to get so many and of such quality. Also thanks to Judy and John for their role in organising the event and their enthusiasm which kept us going on the day.

  7. arnolds

    To say that I am full of admiration for you all is the understatement of the year. To get such an excellent write up and pictures on the site on the day after is almost equally astonishing.

    I agree with Jenny that we have a superbly supportive and together group in Rossie Ramblers. I will be sorry when I have to hang my boots on that tree in the pub car park!!

  8. Jenny

    A massive ‘well done’ to you all. What a fantastic group of Ramblers we have in Rossendale! Excellent write up and the photos are fantastic.

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