Horton 24-06-2018 – Leader Roy

Horton 24-06-2018 – Leader Roy

A trio of Roy’s admirers joined him for a walk from Horton near Gisburn, being either disinterested in, or prepared to give up, watching the national football team, to ensure he wasn’t on his own. We were not disappointed – this was rural Lancashire at its best in near perfect walking weather, with Yorkshire trying to get a look in, but not succeeding. Unfortunately no photos do true justice to the magnificent landscape in the sunshine.

We had a competition at the start to guess the number of stiles we were to encounter.  The answer was 18 with the nearest estimate at 21. Unsurprisingly some were tricky, as one photo shows.  We should also have counted the number of gates, as there were at least as many, some of which posed a vertical challenge.

We set off in a south easterly direction to Crooks House, and then north easterly until we went past Gledstone Hall, seen peeping between trees in the photo. We soon went through the first of many fields of wheat.  After skirting Flambers Hill we stopped for coffee by a field of buttercups. We then headed eastwards towards Little Stainton, before going north to Hough Field.  One farmer had thoughtfully created a “yellow brick road” through his wheat fields, which had us thinking about the Wizard of Oz, (not the American horror film) and the characters Tin Wood Man, the Wicked Witch, Scarecrow and the Lion.  We each took one of these characters, and your imagination can work wonders on who did which role! Cows were in abundance, including one with two black eyes.  Here we turned towards Swinden Gill Wood, stopping for lunch with Ash Tree farm behind us and stunning views in front.  Soon after, Roy managed to find us some mud even after such a long, hot, dry spell! We revisited Swinden Moor Head with a plan to buy fresh farm eggs now we had space for them after lunch, but they were all sold out.  This did save Roy from breaking any more as he recounted tales of only 3 making it home intact after his last visit!  We then crossed more farmland, with some great views, to Horton pasture and Lower Paradise, before heading back to the car.

Distance 9.72 miles   Total ascent 912 feet / 278 metres.

Write up and pics – Judy

Slideshow below, but if you wish to see a static view of the pics all in one go, then click here.

“There is a link to the slideshow here. You may need to click within the black page that opens up to see the show – but at least it is full screen! “



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  1. Arnold

    Lovely pics and amusing write up, Judy. I wouldn’t dare speculate as to who took which Wizard of Oz role!

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