Footpath Problems

You can report a footpath problem to Judy, our Footpath Officer, by email at  In your email, please include the following information:

  • Your name & email address, plus an optional telephone number.  (Please see here for how we look after your data.)
  • The problem(s) that you encountered, e.g. difficulty in using a stile, bridge, or gate; obstruction of the footpath; difficulty with navigation due to lack of waymarks or signs; problems with the surface of the path or overgrown vegetation; intimidation by landowners or their animals; or anything else.
  • The location of the problem.  This would ideally be a grid reference and footpath number (available from LCC’s MARIO system), but if not known, then please give as specific directions/landmarks as possible to enable the exact location to be found.  Attaching photographs to your email can be very helpful.
  • Any other relevant information, e.g. whether you were in a group or alone, if you had children or a dog with you, etc, etc.

Given Lancashire County Council’s current financial constraints, we cannot promise that the problem will be solved any time soon.  However, we promise to respond to you, and to let you know what we have done.