Interesting things coming up – update

Interesting things coming up – update

With so many different things on our site now, and with the consequential sub-divisions of ‘Latest News’, it is easy to miss things, hence this ‘heads up’ post.

Under the Latest News tab, click on ‘Social Events’ for booking details for both the Christmas lunch and the New Year Walk meal at the Sykeside.

Still under the Latest News tab, click on ‘Committee’ for minutes of the last Committee meeting, held on Tuesday 11 December.

PS Don’t forget to read the ‘Keeping abreast of all things Rossie Ramblers’ post, which is everywhere on the site, and take the recommended actions to ensure you receive details of all posts put on the site, thereby missing nothing that you may be interested in.  Don’t say nobody told you!

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  1. I will be interested in being informed of any social events.


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