Arnside 06-06-2018 – Leader Basil

Arnside 06-06-2018 – Leader Basil

17 arrived in Arnside on a lovely summer’s day to admire the sparkling sea and glistening sand.  Basil calmly stood there in his long trousers, recounting stories linked to the current tick infestation in the area, as many of us looked down at our exposed legs!

We set off through Red Hills Wood, then took it in our stride to climb Arnside Knott, with its outcrops of limestone and areas of dense dappled woodland. We enjoyed our coffee break at the top, with great views over the Grange Estuary and Morecombe Bay. Basil talked about the butterflies Arnside Knott is famous for, including the Pearl Bordered Fritillary, the High Brown Fritillary and the Scotch Angus.  We then headed down and across to Arnside Tower, before going through Eaves Wood towards Elmslack, where we admired some coppicing work.  We progressed on through Silverdale Green, joining the Coastal Way. We stopped for lunch at Jenny Brown’s Point, locally rumoured to be named after a Nanny who drowned there.  The limestone chimney in the photo is Grade II listed and from the copper smelting undertaken in the late 18th century.

Basil then consulted the group about alternative routes, suggesting walking on the sand as the tide was out with less risk of quicksand.  Despite a short diversion at one point where it was quite soft, our trust in him proved correct.  The sea grass is photographed in some places but much of it has disappeared, although some clearly remembered walking on it previously.  We continued back on along the shoreline with some interesting caves and rock formations, going around Blackstone Point before stopping at the Bob-In cafe.  After we continued along the sands, passing Grubbins Wood. The last photo is of a Lancashire Whitebeam, which we were informed is the second rarest tree in Britain.

Thanks to Basil for a lovely walk, very different from the rest of our walk schedule.

Write up and pics – Judy

Distance – 11.45   Total ascent – 1,120 feet

Slideshow below, but if you wish to see a static view of the pics all in one go, then click here.

“There is a link to the slideshow here. You may need to click within the black page that opens up to see the show – but at least it is full screen! “



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  1. Arnold

    Nice pics and good write up, Judy. Sorry I missed my annual Arnside amble.

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