Bacup 21-11-2018 – Leader Judy

Bacup 21-11-2018 – Leader Judy

Judy showed us today what real walking is like – not that namby-pamby stuff we’ve been doing all summer!  Early on, it looked like Scout Moor Mk2, but once the sleet had stopped, the 23 who bravely turned out today heaved a collective sigh of relief, knowing that they might be cold, but not wet.  Having just returned after 2 months in warmer climes, Steve was reluctant to accept the proffered camera, but accept it he did; he got his own back by giving me 118 pics to whittle down to the excellent 40 that you will see below!

From the sadly boarded-up Christchurch, we climbed north east across the whitish fields through Higher Change to Height Side Farm, before contouring along to Sharneyford, encountering a rather dilapidated farm en-route – one of several that we were to see today.  Another feature of today’s walk that became clear early on was the proliferation of pylons: what are they doing with all that electricity up there?  At Sharneyford we headed north, soon hitting the Rossendale Way – another major feature of today’s walk.  After a short while on this path, we stopped for our coffee break in the shelter of some old quarry buildings.

Break over, it was not long before we moved onto the access land of Heald Moor, climbing thereon to the trig point and beacon at Thieveley Pike, on Deerplay Moor.  At 449 m (1459 ft), this was the highest point of today’s walk.  The views from here were much more extensive than we expected at the cloudy start of the walk, and they continued clear and often dramatic for the rest of the day.  From the Pike it was more or less west across the moor to cross Burnley Road, now on the Pennine Bridleway, to our lunch stop, where there was a nice dip to shelter (some of us) from the wind.  By the time we arrived at the lunch spot, we were nice and warm, and considering shedding a layer, but those who sat in an exposed position on the picnic benches soon changed their mind – the fortifying flask was well appreciated by these not-so-hardy souls!

After lunch there were a variety of things to amuse us, including some interesting sheep and pigs (with tusks!), and a somewhat daunting array of stiles, which rather slowed us down, as you will see from the stats. However, we overcame, and descended on the Rossendale Way around the south side of Clough Bottom Reservoir before climbing again through Clifton to Height End.  It was then due south on a lane to cross Burnley Road again, before a final sneaky climb on the Irwell Sculpture Trail, paddling along a flooded path for part of the way, to be rewarded by The Sentinel.

This brought us back to Christchurch and a short ride to Mrs Potts’ café, which had kindly stayed open for us.  Yours truly had a lovely warming bowl of spicy tomato and three bean soup, to end a bracing and invigorating day, thanks to Judy.  Thanks also to Rosemary for back marking, and to Steve for giving me so many photos to choose from!

Write up Arnold, pics Steve.  Appended here are the route stats and profile.

If you wish to see a static view of the pics all in one go, then click here.

There is a link to the slideshow here.  You will need to click within the black page that opens up to see the show.


  1. Gillian Hughes

    Tom keeps showing me the ‘twin’ pic.
    “Great pic!” he says..the comment was completely lost on me, Arnold! Turns out I wasn’t born when the adverts were out!

  2. Thanks to Arnold for the excellent write up, Steve for the great photos and Rosemary for being so visible at the back! Thanks also to all those who assisted with stiles and gates. Winter certainly gave us a jolt after some lovely weather.

  3. Sorry for my late arrival. A great walk with all four seasons in a day.

  4. Excellent walk, great walk report and pictures.

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