Ingleborough 08-06-2018 – Leader Derek

Short and sweet, as I’m very ready for bed!  As a number of our members were attempting the Yorkshire 3 Peaks Challenge today, Derek (aka Buttercup) had the very nice thought that he and some others should support those intrepid trotters by meeting them at the top of their third peak – Ingleborough.  So 9 of us turned out today to do just this, taking the train from Horton to Ribblehead (one stop = £3), and then doing a different ascent of Ingleborough than the one we did with Derek last year.  In his wisdom, Derek billed the walk as “10 miles, with approximately 500 metres of ascent”, whereas my machine said we did over 12 miles, with 650 metres of ascent, so it was a bit more than moderate.  Nevertheless, it was a wonderful day for a walk, and we could console ourselves that we wimpy wanderers did less than half the mileage and ascent of our real rambler colleagues.  Let’s face it, we SAW the 3 peaks, while the others CLIMBED them!

After a brief look inside the interesting display at Ribblehead Station Visitor Centre, we walked along and then through the very impressive viaduct, with a view of our Ingleborough target through the arches.  Then we more or less contoured south to Haws Gill Wheel, where we had our break.  Then the climbing began on ‘A Pennine Journey’ as we continued south past some pot holes before beginning the killer climb up the very steep, but paved. path towards the summit.  Some of this was done almost on all fours – easier than standing up!  We reached the rocky summit for our lunch at 2 pm, chatting to many other walkers who were out on the day.

Having spotted our colleagues on the steep ascent below us, we descended part way to meet and congratulate them, taking a photo of most of the group.  Here we learned that Phil had provided excellent support to the 3 peakers by meeting them with extra water and other supplies at a couple of points along the way – a wonderful gesture.  Derek and Linda went further down to meet David C, so Roger P kindly led the rest of us down on the Dales High Way towards Pen-y-ghent and Horton, with a wonderful limestone pavement en-route.  To add to our (my) chagrin, the 3 peakers skipped gaily past us on the way down to claim their well-deserved certificates of achievement.  Overall, a wonderful day thanks to Derek.

Pics & write up Arnold.  Appended here are the route stats and profile.

If you wish to see a static view of the pics all in one go, then click here.

There is a link to the slideshow here.  You will need to click within the black page that opens up to see the show.


  1. Rosemary

    Thanks to Derek for leading the walk & all who came & supported us doing the 3 Peaks. Your presence was much appreciated.

  2. carol jakar

    I only found out you were doing these walks on Thursday…im well impressed with all of you….very well done x

  3. Rob Peel

    A great day! The support from Derek, Phil and the whole of the Ramblers group was very much appreciated. A wonderful morale booster.

  4. Jenny

    Well done to everyone, particularly those who attempted the 3 Peaks challenge. Lovely idea Derek to meet the group to support them. Excellent photos highlight the beautiful weather and scenery.

  5. Derek

    Congratulations to ALL the ‘3 Yorkshire Peakers’ – I am well impressed. Arnold, it’s about time you set-up your device properly! According to me it was 11.03 miles and 523 metres of climb – you will park at the far end of the village!

    • arnolds

      Whether my device is set up wrongly or not, it makes me feel better to think that I did so much on such a warm day!

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