New Waggoners 19-07-2018 – Leader Angela

New Waggoners 19-07-2018 – Leader Angela

On another cracking evening, 14 people turned out for the sixth walk in our series.  Tonight there were only 4 Rossie Ramblers present, so we had a really good natter with our Thursday evening friends.

From the New Waggoners, we walked down Limey Lane to Clowbridge Reservoir and then up a good hill on a wide track to Compston’s Cross, erected in 1902 by Samuel Compston, a former Mayor of Rawtenstall.   We continued on more tracks to the car park at Crown Point, from where we could see the Singing Ringing Tree.  Here Angela asked if we wanted to walk to the tree, adding extra time and an extra half mile to the walk.

The lure of the tree was irresistible!  Even though there was not enough wind for it to sing, the tree itself and the views from it were just wonderful.  The tree is one of the 4 Lancashire Panopticons, and in 2007 it won the National Award of the Royal Institute of British Architects for architectural excellence.  From the tree we descended through Dunnockshaw Memorial Forest and down the Burnley Way to Manchester Road, arriving at the New Waggoners at 9.20 pm, admiring a lovely sunset en-route.

After this beautiful walk, 12 people enjoyed a sociable drink on the patio of the pub, staying until the cold drove us away!  Many thanks to Angela for a very successful 4.8 mile walk with 575 feet of ascent, and to all those who joined us.

The next short walk in the series is on Thursday 2 August, starting from the Holden Arms, Grane Road, Haslingden. Further details will be on the website in due course.  Please note that if the Holden Arms is being refurbished, we will still start from their car park, but will drop down to the Robin Hood for a drink afterwards.

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  1. Angela

    I am really enjoying meeting a new crowd of very sociable people on the Thursday night walks. It’s a real pity that we have to stop doing these – anyone fancy a night walk by torchlight (on very easy paths)?

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