Old Cobblers 03-05-2018 – Leader Arnold

Our first Thursday evening walk was well supported, as 16 people turned up, though one old gentleman and his dog dropped out very early.  Jean is kindly going to steer him in the direction of local health walks.  Six of those turning up (inc Maureen) were new to walking with our group, while the rest were existing members.  The support from the committee and the evening walks team was brilliant, and I would like to thank you all for coming, and for making the visitors feel welcome.

The route chosen was a 3 mile walk around the centre of Rawtenstall, then up to the ski slope, down the Shoe Trail, and back through Whitaker Park.  There were no stiles, and the walk was as short and easy as David H and I could make it, as we did not know who would turn up on the night.

The walk was well received by the visitors, and literature was given out at the end, inc the programme for the remaining 7 walks.  Those who stayed the course expressed their keenness to come again, and at least a couple of these were interested in our short Sunday walks as well.  Two of the new walkers joined us for a drink afterwards, and a pleasant time was had.

Overall, a good start has been made, and hopefully word of mouth recommendations will increase the number of new walkers over the course of the programme.

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