Padiham 08-07-2018 Leader Tom

Padiham 08-07-2018 Leader Tom

On another glorious morning, 6 of us met at Gawthorpe Hall for the walk in some of the Forest of Burnley.  The idea was to get as much shade as possible, and we started well by walking through trees to the top of the Gawthorpe estate, down a road and into some more trees to Sweetclough Greenway – new to Dougie and Roy.  We skirted the fishing lake which was the part of the old Lowerhouse Lodges, and which once provided the water for one of Lancashire’s largest cotton mills, and went on a bear hunt through the bullrushes to Molly Wood – we didn’t find a bear, but we did come across a dog who was thoroughly enjoying chewing a log! This area had been used for landfill, until pressure from residents and naturalists led to it being managed for angling and wildlife, becoming a local nature reserve in 2000. We avoided the crocs just before the motorway/canal and headed to Padiham’s Memorial Park along the well travelled dismantled railway line – not quite so good in terms of trees, but the sun wasn’t too hot at this point.

We headed up the main road out of Padiham and struck off across a field where Roy instructed us about pineapple weed, and we had a shady lunch under a tree in another field!

From there, it was off to Priddy Bank Wood – not wet under foot, for once – Old Jeremy’s Farm, High Whittaker Farm (and a zebra) and down to the Burnley Way with the sun beating down and there being little shade.  The original Forest of Burnley was a hunting ground, not necessarily covered in trees as we expect a forest to be these days.  We did get our shade back on the return to Gawthorpe.

Our green and pleasant land is more yellow now, and trees and shrubs are showing signs of autumn with some leaves ready to fall, but we’d enjoyed our walk, in great company, and were ready for a reviving ‘brew’.

Reader! I failed! The tea shop was closed……………………………………..

Write up and pics Gill

NB.  There are two start pictures – in the first, Tom was giving me instructions! (Surely not!)

The translation of the Polish:

“Private fishery – permit or membership required. All fish should be returned to the lake. Descent to the net track is required (Polish speakers should help me here!). Take home your litter. No fires or bbqs. No beer allowed.”

Slideshow below, but if you wish to see a static view of the pics all in one go, then click here.

There is a link to the slideshow here.  You will need to click within the black page that opens up to see the show.


  1. Tom Hughes

    I really can’t take much of the credit for this walk – Gill recce’d a lot of it, led a lot of it, took the pictures, did the write-up and then made dinner after we got home. I’m feeling very slightly guilty being credited with leading the walk, but I’ll very soon get over it!

    • Arnold

      You are an honest man, Tom. You should go into politics – they need people like you!

  2. arnolds

    Sounds like a lovely walk, Tom. A good effort by Gill to get it all on the web so quickly!

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